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Attempts of Purity in Racial Genetics

Is it possible to genetically modify humanity into a higher awareness and abilities to unfold higher forms of sciences, knowledge and full capacity? 
Of course. It became a strategy among some of the alien races to focus on the genetic purity, as in only using specific forms of genetics to preserve the genetic lineage and as pure as possible. 
The Aryan Shivas (having taken that name to honor the planet Saturn), i.e. a white and blue Sirian race from a parallel system of our Sirius, collaborated with the New Order of the Ages in America, also called NOA (alluding to Saturn and a new wondrous race in the poem of Virgil); a sub-faction of the old group of enhanced human under the old brotherhoods aka the Founding Fathers that separated from the European brotherhoods going back to Ancient Egypt honoring the sun gods (as I write about in Souls of Humanity). Perhaps even the Saturn as the original sun?
NOA had as many others their version of the new human projects in their sub-oceanic bas…
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Disclosure 2 - The Humans from the Future Helping us?

The year we are in now, 2065 in actual energy setting and 2018 in terms of the way we count, is a crucial year. We have heard that many times. I remember people talking about how blessed they feel to be part of what is going on now; the changes in humanity, the awakening and the many ways this unfolds of proactions and counteractions by the different factions, which will do the awakening with us since they, as we are, have become an intrinsic part of our reality field, and thus have no where else to go.

The ones that could leave, connected to the past of our reality timelines, have retracted to their own universes to play out their eventlines there - and in that will come back from whatever they will develop into in these universes, using what they have utilized, grown and harvested here for their future human-humanoid races. We will encounter these races in the 2100 where new possible interaction possibilities will arise, all depending on what these races choose to do with what they…

Disclosure 1 - The Implementation of the Enhanced Humans

The Year is 1953, original timeline.

The Korean War is at its end and the Cold War in its making. 
The faction of Zetas, operating in our reality field at the time, has got a stronghold on the American Secret Military operations, lurking in the subconscious (via interdimensional interference) whenever decisions are made by the human operatives. Clones are being used as well as full make-over procedures (changing the "inner human" to be able to operate with alien genetics without conscious knowledge) to affect the decision making of the human operatives. 
Projects are initiated to implement the alien technology in the forms humans can make them, using their upgraded brain capacity. Scientists, engineers, builders etc are pulled in over nighttime and modified for the task - unaware, of course.
A grand scheme project by the Zetas, allowed to do so by the at the time enhanced humans in their human form. The enhanced humans - at the time - were the remaining citizens of the reali…

How the Old Orion Technology to this day is Enslaving Humans

Let us begin with some concepts of energy All energy is what I call holographic. Not in the use most sciences understand it today, but as energy that pertains its own layers within itself and from that multilayered build up, reflects the components into holographic interactive imagery using the reality fields to unfold as forms.

Sciences work with holograms from a 2D coded surface that is projected via a light source into a hologram.

Our reality does not need a source of light (or any forms of "Source" to initiate consciousness and energy) to spark to life the contained information in the units into the different fields, or layers, of the set up of our reality construction. Our reality can be viewed as projection fields of energy and consciousness expressed into different modalities, and each of these layers hold energy units or energy codes aka the creational language symbol system.

The purpose of the energy-code-projection fields is to enable the consciousness units to reflec…

How to build a UFO?

Photo J.M - the best UFO detector I know; he senses them and from that points the camera to the sky and he gets them every time.
How do you build a UFO (an or a UFO)? That is a really good question. Not that I claim how to build one, since it all depends on the human or humanoid that is operating the UFO. So, let us explore that a bit. 
I have memories of knowing the most common types of UFOs in our reality, and will share that information here: 
The individual Pleiadian crafts are called Arrows (the big motherships are called Arches) and they are interactively connected to the genetics of the pilot or operator of the craft. When you enter into a Pleiadian craft, you become one with the craft. It merges into your energy system and from that fully integrated connection between craft and operator, the way to control it is through mind, sensation and intention; what you think will be unfolded into the craft. So, you jump "spaces" using the intention to do so including the inter…